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10 pcs rooster tails spinners fishing lures kits

Elite10 Rooster Tails Spinners Kit

Introducing the upgraded Starship Marine Elite10 Rooster Tails Fishing Lure Spinners Kit, now featuring an impressive array of 10 pieces including two minnow spinners and two micro propeller blades alongside an expanded selection of rooster tails. With an emphasis on versatility and adaptability, these lures boast a variety of color patterns, ensuring optimal performance in diverse weather and water conditions.

Total Weight: 4 oz.
Quantity: 10 Pieces

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rooster tails fishing spinners spoons combo kit

ComboPlus20 Rooster Tail spinners and spoons kit

Introducing the Starship Marine ComboPlus20 Fishing Lure Kit, the ultimate spinners and spoons combo pack featuring a total of 20 pieces designed to enhance your fishing experience. This comprehensive kit now includes 10 small fishing spoons and 10 soft plastic grubs. With spoon weights ranging from 1/10 oz to 1/6 oz and spinner weights from 1/7 oz to 2/5 oz, this kit offers unparalleled versatility. 

Total Weight: 5 oz.
Quantity: 20 Pieces

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saltwater fishing lures squid skirts rigs

SaltyBliss Saltwater Fishing Lure Kit

Introducing the Starship Marine SaltyBliss Saltwater Fishing Lure Kit, a game-changer for angling enthusiasts! This comprehensive set includes 5 sets of meticulously crafted octopus squid skirt fishing lures, each rigged with double 4/0 high carbon hooks and adjustable fishing weights. Designed with versatility in mind, these lures come in a variety of vibrant colors with luminous effects, making them perfect for both day and night fishing adventures.

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rooster tail fishing lure set

25 Pcs Deadly Lures Combination

Introducing Starship Marine’s indispensable lure assortment kit, featuring an ideal blend of rooster tail fishing lures, inline spinners, spoons, and blade baits, available in various sizes and weights. Packaged in three compact tackle boxes, this kit undoubtedly represents one of the most valuable options in our range of fishing lure kits.
Total Weight: 9 oz.
Quantity: 25 Pieces

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all in one fishing lures kit

365 Pcs Super Fishing Lures Kit

Starship Marine presents its extensive day and night fishing lures kit, comprising 365 pieces of fishing lures and accessories, all neatly packed in a waterproof tackle box. This comprehensive set covers a wide array of commonly used fishing lures, including Swimbait, Crankbait, Minnow, Popper, Blade Baits, Spoons, Spinners, Soft Plastic Lures, and DIY lure Accessories.
Total Weight: 26 oz.
Quantity: 365 Pieces

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all in one fishing terminal tackle kit

222+ Pcs All In One Fishing Terminal Tackle Kit

Introducing Starship Marine’s inaugural ECO fishing terminal tackle kit from the Abodadventures Series. This kit features premium-quality stainless steel hooks, stainless steel and brass bullet weights, snaps and swivels, wire leaders, as well as bobbers and stoppers. Each item has been meticulously selected through extensive testing to ensure top-notch performance.
Total Weight: 21 oz.
Quantity: Over 222 Pieces

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Essential Fishing Tool Kit

Essence 3 Pcs Pocketable Fishing Tool Kit

Introducing the Starship Marine Essence Fishing Tool Kit, the ultimate must-have for any angler. This essential kit features a high-quality fishing pliers and a foldable Fishing Hunting Knife complete with a sharpener, catering to all your fishing needs from split ring handling to dehooking, line cutting, lead crimping, and fish cleaning during fishing trips or walks along the water.
Total Weight: 6 oz.
Quantity: 3 Pieces

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Pocketable fishing tool kit

AllIN 8 Pcs Pocketable Fishing Tool Kit

Introducing the Starship Marine AllIN 8 Pcs Pocketable Fishing Tool Kit, the ultimate companion for any angler. This comprehensive kit includes essential tools such as fishing pliers, a fishing knife, fish lip gripper, hook remover, fishing scissors, sharpener, sheath, and lanyards, all conveniently packed into one budget-friendly bundle without sacrificing quality. 
Total Weight: 12 oz.
Quantity: 8 Pieces

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strong clear fishing line for hanging with Crimping loop sleeves and scissors new

Clear Fishing Line Value Pack 17 - 52 lb

Starship Marine’s OEM clear fishing line pack is an ideal option for various applications such as hanging, crafting, beading projects, and basic fishing needs. Crafted for multifunctional use, the Starship Marine Fishing Line Clear Series provides nearly transparent mono fishing lines in 17-40 lb line weights, accompanied by a stainless steel mini scissor included in each package.

Line Weights: 17-40 lb
Line Length: 656 ft

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surf fishing terminal kit

168 Pcs ECO Surf Fishing Value Kit

Starship Marine proudly presents its ECO surf fishing kit, providing unparalleled value within its price bracket. Supported by the innovative Starship Marine Convertible Fishing Sinkers System (CFSS), this compact kit features no-roll fishing weight sinkers, adjustable from 0.5oz to 16oz. Additionally, it includes stainless steel circle hooks, baitholder hooks, octopus hooks, swivels, snaps, sinker slides, wire leaders, and pickerel rigs.
Total Weight: 26 oz.
Quantity: 168 Pieces

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stainless steel no roll fishing sinkers weights

0.5-12 oz Adjustable Fishing Weights Kit

Starship Marine introduces its latest innovation in eco-friendly fishing weights, aligning with the ECO trends. Featuring the Starship Marine Convertible Fishing Sinkers/Weights System (CFSS), these weights, crafted from stainless steel type 304, offer easy conversion and adjustment from 0.5oz to 12oz. As a market trial, we wholeheartedly endorse this fishing weights kit to anglers eager to experiment with new gear and fishing tactics.
Total Weight: 14 oz.
Quantity: 20 Pieces

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fishing line clear for crafts hanging beading

Heavey Duty Clear Fishing Line - 100 lb

Introducing the Starship Marine Heavy Duty Clear Fishing Line Value Pack, a versatile and robust solution for all your fishing and hanging needs. Crafted from thick, strong nylon string measuring 1 mm in diameter, this clear fishing wire is perfect for both angling and hanging crafts, pictures, or decorations. Upgraded with mini scissors for added convenience, this value pack provides 100 lb test strength, ensuring durability and resilience in any application.

Line Weights: 100 lb
Line Length: 328 ft

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At Starship Marine, we specialize in crafting premium aluminum boats ranging from 14 to 36 feet, many of which are trailerable. Each Starship aluminum boat boasts a multifunctional design, exceptional quality, and safety features, coupled with a distinctive appearance. Presently, we offer four series of aluminum fishing and hunting boats, ranging from the Starship PH1 to the Starship LC4.

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