Starship Marine’s boat division constructs premium aluminum fishing and hunting boats ranging from 14 ft to 36 ft, with the majority being trailerable. Our boats feature multifunctional designs, superior quality, and safety measures, all while boasting unique appearances.

Light duty aluminum pilot house fishing boat. Product range: 23-25 Ft.

Starship PH 2

Heavy duty aluminum pilot house fishing boat. Product range: 25-36 Ft.

Starship BH 3

Multi-purpose aluminum fishing and hunting boat. Product range: 14-22 Ft.

Starship LC 4

Aluminum Landing Craft for leisure purpose, Product range: 25-36 Ft.

Starship Marine All-welded Aluminum Fishing Boats

Main Features

At Starship Marine, our focus is on producing the finest aluminum fishing and hunting boats at the most competitive prices. Our state-of-the-art design and craftsmanship ensure the creation of superior boats that will move safely, efficiently, and with unparalleled stability for decades to come.

100% Unsinkable

Safety is the top priority in every Starship aluminum boat we manufacture. All of our boats are equipped with an Integrated Side Pontoon and Under-deck Chamber System, with all sealed pontoons and chambers filled with closed-cell foam. This advanced positive buoyancy system ensures that our boats remain unsinkable in virtually all conditions, even in the event of severe collisions that penetrate the hull with holes.

Stability and Economy

We take a balanced approach to addressing stability and fuel consumption concerns. Starship aluminum boats feature a moderate deep V hull and wide reverse chine, enabling quick planning with low horsepower ratings while maintaining reasonable stability. This design not only reduces fuel consumption but also ensures a quicker journey to your destination without significant fuel wastage.

Rigid Construction

Our state-of-the-art craftsmanship and top-quality marine-grade aluminum materials, combined with a multifunctional design, result in an effectively double-layered, integrated, and incredibly strong hull that can last for decades with minimal maintenance.

Built to Standards

Starship Boats are constructed according to Canadian and ISO standards. We don’t just focus on aesthetics; our boats are engineered to prioritize safety and longevity!

The Moving House

Designed especially to withstand tough weather conditions, many Starship aluminum boats come equipped with a stand-up head, hot water shower, air warming system, and a small galley. They are not just fishing boats but are essentially family cruisers capable of traveling both on water and on the road.

Customised Design & Build

Starship Marine offers a Customized Design & Build Service for customers who want to create their dream boat at an unbeatable price. Bring your dream idea to us, and we’re here to help make it a reality with our advanced technology and craftsmanship.

Talk to us

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