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Our fishing lure kits have proven to be among our most successful products to date, thanks to their exceptional quality, wide range of options, and generous quantities. Included in these kits are topwater lures, swimbaits, crankbaits, minnows, poppers, blade baits, spoons, spinnerbaits, soft plastic lures, DIY lure accessories, and more. Specifically, our rooster tail fishing lures for trout and bass boast superior craftsmanship, featuring upgraded colors and modern styles. If you’re an angler, you’re bound to appreciate the quality and effectiveness of these lures.

Our fishing terminal tackle kits encompass a Surf Fishing gear kit, a Fishing Weights Kit, and the top-tier All in One Fishing Terminal Tackle Kit. These kits are equipped with a comprehensive array of widely used fishing gear, including various fishing hooks, sinkers, floats, bobbers, swivels, snaps, wire leaders, beads, and stoppers.

Product Line 3- Clear Fishing Line

Our Clear Fishing Line Set now comes with an upgraded addition: stainless steel mini scissors for added convenience. In addition to its primary use for fishing, this versatile set can also be utilized for hanging crafts, decorations, and more. You’ll find it incredibly useful, even if you’re not an avid fisherman or fisherwoman.

Product Line 4- Fishing Tool Kits

Our Pocketable Fishing Tool Kits are designed for anglers looking for a compact and versatile solution without sacrificing quality. These budget-friendly kits contain essential tools such as fishing pliers, fishing knife, fish lip gripper, hook remover, fishing scissors, sharpener, along with sheaths and lanyards for added convenience.

10 pcs rooster tails spinners fishing lures kits

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