All In One Fishing Terminal Tackle Kit

Abodadventures ECO fishing series – by Starship Marine CA

The all in one fishing terminal tackle kit is the first ECO fishing gear product launched by Starship Marine. In this tacklebox you will find 222+pcs fishing gears including stainless steel bullet weights, stainless steel fishing hooks, Snap Swivels, stainless steel wire leaders, Bobbers and floats, beads and stoppers. Those items are selected by Starship Marine Staff via extensive inhouse testing and analysis, e.g. destructive analysis and corrosion analysis, and most of them are of premium quality. In particular, the bullet weights sinkers inside this fishing gear package are made of stainless steel type 304, half machined and half hand crafted, which is rare to find on the market.

Top 6 reasons to choose the all in one fishing terminal tackle kit

All in one terminal tackle kit

All in one fishing kit with huge quantity and great variety

The all in one fishing terminal tackle kit brings to you nearly all essential categories of the terminal tackle gear and fishing accessories in a wide range. It covers fishing weights and sinkers from 1/32 oz to 3 oz, fishing hooks from size #8 to size #5/0, fishing floats and bobbers, wire fishing leaders, swivels snaps, fishing beads and stoppers. Weighted 21 oz with a huge 222+ pcs gear in the tackle box, there will be no more worry about snag when you are exploring a new fishing territory.

Wide applications, great for traveling kit

This fishing kit is designed primarily for travel and fishing purpose, either you are going to fish in small ponds and stream or fishing the big rivers and seas, targeting a wide range of freshwater or saltwater species. from small to big, such as Panfish, Crappie, Trout, Bass Salmon, Walleye, and Catfish.

All the Abodadventures lead free fishing series include no lead parts and can be used to fish anywhere without lead restrictions. Most importantly the Eco friendly fishing tackle kit is beneficial to fishermen and the eco system as a whole.

Great convenience and cost savings

For most fishermen or fisherwomen, it is not practical to buy each type of the terminal tackles one by one. We bundled them together to save your time and this will also create more savings as the overlapped delivery cost is eliminated.

A mystery “chocolate box” for your loved ones

This little tackle kit is nicely designed and packed. It will be a great gift for the Dads, kids, or any other fishing boys and girls who have a passion for fishing. You may send it as gift anytime as we know a fisherman or fisherwoman is always prepared for fishing anytime of the year. Tight lines and bent rods-happy fishing!

Quality for less

At Starship Marine we do extensive inhouse or real world testing and analysis to ensure we have selected the qualified products for our customers. Meanwhile the inherent costing based on volume are reduced to the minimal range delivered to our retail or wholesale customers. This is how we can say it as quality for less at Starship Marine.

Product Details and Specifications

The Starship Marine lead free eco fishing gear terminal tackle kit includes 222 +Pcs fishing gears in 5 main categories:

Fishing Terminal Tackle Kit Part 1 A: Lead Free Fishing Weights Sinkers Kit (20 Pcs), freshwater or saltwater fishing applications

Fishing Weights Sinkers Kit PAC1 Golden Bullet Weights: 1/8 oz 2Pcs; 1/4 oz 2Pcs; 1/2 oz 2Pcs, (Materials: Brass)
Fishing Weights Sinkers Kit PAC2 Silver Bullet Weights: 1 oz 2Pcs; 2 oz 2Pcs; 3 oz 2Pcs (Materials: Stainless-steel type 304, half machined and half hand crafted)
Fishing Weights Sinkers Kit PAC3 Copper Bead Weights: 1/32 oz(approx.) 4 Pcs; 1/16 oz (approx.) 4 Pcs, (Materials: Brass)

Fishing Terminal Tackle Kit Part B: Fishing Hooks Kit (111+ Pcs) for freshwater or saltwater fishing applications

Fishing Hooks Kit PAC4 Premium Stainless Steel Fishing Hooks: #1/0 5Pcs; #3/0 5Pcs; #5/0 5Pcs, Materials: Duplex stainless steel
Fishing Hooks Kit PAC5 Strengthened EWG Fishing Hooks: #2 5Pcs; #1/0 5Pcs; #3/0 5Pcs
Fishing Hooks Kit PAC6 Bulk Fishing Hooks: Material: High Carbon Steel, Size: #8 ~ 3/0, Type: Various, Quantity: >80 Pcs, Total Weight: 1 oz and above.
Fishing Hooks Kit PAC7 The Mystery Hook Bag: The red fortune bag includes one or more fishing hooks which is complementary.

Fishing Terminal Tackle Kit Part C: Swivels and Snaps Kit (30 Pcs)

Fishing Accessories Kit PAC8 High Speed Swivels: #2 5Pcs (60 Ibs Test ); #1/0 5Pcs (100 Ibs Test )
Fishing Accessories kit PAC9 High Speed Snap Swivels: #1/0 5Pcs (70 Ibs Test)
Fishing Accessories Kit PAC10 High Strength Snap Swivels: #1 5Pcs (60 Ibs Test)
Fishing Accessories Kit PAC11 3 –Way Swivels: #1*3 2Pcs (80 Ibs Test)
Fishing Accessories Kit PAC12 Stainless Snaps: Large 3Pcs (100Ibs Test); Small 5Pcs (50 Ibs Test)

Fishing Terminal Tackle Kit Part D: Floats and Bobbers Kit (9 Pcs)
Fishing Gears Kit PAC13 EVA Foam Float with Swivels: 1 oz (approx.) 1 Pcs
Fishing Gears Kit PAC14 Casting Aid Floats: Transparent float: 7.5g Slow Sinking 1 Pcs; Green float:7.5g Floating 1Pcs.
Fishing Gears Kit PAC15 EPS Floating Beads: 15mm Dia. 2Pcs; 10mm Dia. 4Pcs

Fishing Terminal Tackle Kit Part E: Fishing Leaders, Beads and Stoppers Kits (51+ Pcs)
Fishing Terminal Gear PAC16 Stainless Steel Wire Leaders: L 15CM, Dia. 0.5mm, 5Pcs
Fishing Terminal Gear PAC17 Multi-color Simulating Beads: 8mm Dia. 4Pcs; 6mm Dia. 4Pcs
Fishing Terminal Gear PAC18 Multi-color Glowing Beads: 6mm~8mm Dia. >21Pcs
Fishing Terminal Gear PAC19 Rubber Beads Stoppers: Small 8Pcs; Large 8Pcs

Fishing Tacklebox PAC20 Compact Tackle Box: 1 Pcs,Size 6.9” X 4.3” X 1.2”

All in one fishing terminal tackle kit
high quality fishing gear terminal tackle kit selected by test

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