All In One Super Fishing Lure Kit

Starship Marine Limited Edition of Classic Lures Collection

As the second launched fishing tackle kit by Starship Marine, the all in one fishing lures kit brings to you all essential fishing lures in one sturdy watertight tackle box. Those fishing lures come in various types, colors and weights suitable for a wide range of species in either freshwater or saltwater fishing applications. It also includes a series of luminous lures which can be applied in the night fishing scenario. We name it a 365 Pcs Day N Night Fishing Lures Kit which indicate that this will be the fishing kit intended for the true fishing enthusiasms.

super fishing lures with tackle box

Unparalleled Varity and Great Quantity

This comprehensive fishing lures kit looks like a walkable tackle shop, where you basically will have all the common used fishing lures and accessories in one waterproof tacklebox. The 365 Pcs fishing gears inside covers spoons, spinners baits, blade baits, top water lures, swimbait, crankbait, minnow, popper, soft plastic lures, and DIY lure accessories with hooks , weights, beads and more.

Convenient traveler fishing kit from small ponds to big seas

If you are fisherman or fisherwoman who love trave and fishing, this fishing lures kit will be definitely you right choice. Besides the variety and quantity aspect we mentioned, the tacklebox is watertight and sturdy, which is rare to see in a fishing kit. Taking this tackle box with gears inside when you are traveling or exploring the new fishing territories, you will always find one lure inside that meets your specific fishing strategies.

Classic collection of fishing spoons and spinners

This biggest highlight of the kit will be the exceptional collection of 20 fishing spoons spinners, each of which is in different shape, colors and weights. Needleless to say you will love them if you are a fisherman or fisherwoman.

Wide fishing applications and night fishing capable

Reflected by its huge variety, the fishing lure kit undoubtably can be applied in a wide range fishing scenario, including both freshwater and saltwater fishing targeting a wide range of species, e.g. trout, bass, salmon, walleye, steelhead, catfish, muskie, crappie, pike and panfish. The kit also includes a set of luminous lures with accessories which are intended for night fishing applications.

The last defensive works

Building up the last defensive works for our honored fishermen or fisherwomen as long as a hook and line remains, the fishing lures kit also contains a range of DIY lure accessories with a great quantity of hooks beads rings and other fishing accessories, from which our fisherman or fisherwomen can create countless simple fishing lures or make the existing fishing lures more attractive and effective.

As a fishing lures collection package, this fishing lures kit is undoubtedly an exceptional fishing gift for your loved fisherman or fisherwomen. It cab sent to the dads, kids and any other fishing lovers on Christmas Thanksgiving day Fathers days or anytime of the year as a fishing lover is always prepared for fishing anytime of the year. Tight lines and bent rods-happy fishing!

Fishing Lures Details and Specifications

The 26oz Day N Night Fresh N Saltwater Fishing Lures Kit by Starship Marine comes with 48 Types 365+Pcs fishing lures and fishing accessories in 4 main categories:

Fishing Lures Set 1: Swimbait, Crankbait, Minnow, Popper, Blade Baits (6 Pcs):
Those Lures Weights range from 1/8oz to 3/5oz, each of which come with different size and type.

Fishing Lures Type1 Swimbait : 0.62oz/17.5g, 1Pcs, plastic
Fishing Lures Type2 Crankbait : 0.14oz /4g, 1Pcs, plastic
Fishing Lures Type3 Minnow : 0.32oz/9g, 1Pcs, plastic
Fishing Lures Type4 Popper : 0.39oz/11g, 1Pcs, plastic, luminous
Metal Fishing Lures Type5 Blade Baits: 0.53oz/15g, 1Pcs, metal
Metal Fishing Lures Type6 Blade Baits: 0.63oz/18g, 1Pcs, metal

Fishing Lures Set 2: Spoons and Spinners (20 Pcs)
Completed weights range from 1/8oz, 1/5oz, 1/4oz, 1/3oz up to 1oz, each of which is of different colors or type, suitable for a wide range of freshwater and saltwater fishing.
Hard Fishing Lures Type7 Spoons: 1oz/28g 1Pcs
Hard Fishing Lures Type8 Spoons: 0.71oz/20g 1Pcs, luminous
Metal Fishing Lures Type9 Spoons: 0.53oz/15g 1Pcs
Metal Fishing Lures Type10 Spoons: 0.49oz/14g 1Pcs
Metal Fishing Lures Type11 Spoons: 0.42oz/12g 1Pcs
Hard l Fishing Lures Type12 Spoons: 0.35oz/10g 1Pcs, luminous
Metal Fishing Lures Type13 Spoons: 0.32oz/9g 1Pcs
Metal Fishing Lures Type14 -17 Spoons: 0.25oz/7g 4Pcs
Hard Fishing Lures Type18-21 Spoons: 0.18oz/5g 4Pcs
Metal Fishing Lures Type22-23 Spoons: 0.12oz/3.5g 2Pcs
Metal Fishing Lures Type24 Spinner Bait: 0.25oz/7g 1Pcs
Hard Fishing Lures Type25 Spinner Baits: 0.18oz/5g 1Pcs
Metal Fishing Lures Type26 Spinner Baits: 0.12oz/3.5g 1Pcs

Fishing Lures Set 3: Soft Plastic Fishing Lures (117 Pcs)
11 types of soft fishing lures ranging from 0.4” to 5.5”, in various colors and size, luminous lures included
Soft Plastic Fishing Lures Type27 Curly Tail Grubs: 2.16”/5.5cm 15Pcs
Soft Plastic Fishing Lures Type28 Split Tail Shad: 2.36”/6cm 10Pcs, luminous
Soft Plastic Fishing Lures Type29 Paddle Tail Shad: 2.75”/7cm 10Pcs
Soft Plastic Fishing Lures Type30 Ribbon Tail Swimbaits: 3.38”/8.6cm 10Pcs
Soft Plastic Fishing Lures Type31 Luminous Squid: 4.92”/12.5cm 2Pcs, luminous
Soft Plastic Fishing Lures Type32 Shrimps with hook: 1.57”/4cm 5Pcs
Soft Plastic Fishing Lures Type33 Frog with hook: 2.36”/6cm 15Pcs
Soft Plastic Fishing Lures Type34 Sink Worms : 5.51”/14cm 4Pcs
Soft Plastic Fishing Lures Type35 Floating crawfish: 2.56”/6.5cm 10Pcs, luminous
Soft Plastic Fishing Lures Type36 Tiny Worms: 1.06”/2.7cm 20Pcs
Soft Plastic Fishing Lures Type37 Luminous Corns : 0.39”/1cm 30Pcs, luminous

Fishing Lures Set 4: DIY Fishing Lures Accessories Set (231 Pcs)

DIY Fishing Lures Accessories Type38 Copper Bullet Weights :3.5g 4Pcs
DIY Fishing Lures Accessories Type39 Red EWG Hooks :#1, 10Pcs
DIY Fishing Lures Accessories Type40 Baitholder Hooks:#2, 50 Pcs
DIY Fishing Lures Accessories Type41 High Speed Snap Swivels:#2, 6Pcs, Test 40 Ibs
DIY Fishing Lures Accessories Type42 Small Red Hearts : 0.63”/1.6cm, 50Pcs
DIY Fishing Lures Accessories Type43 Multicolor Simulating Beads :8mm Dia. 10Pcs
DIY Fishing Lures Accessories Type44 Multicolor Luminous Beads: 6mm Dia. 50Pcs
DIY Fishing Lures Accessories Type45 Split Rings : 8mm Dia. 50Pcs
DIY Fishing Lures Accessories Type46 Sparkle Braid : 30cm 1Pcs
Fishing Lures Type47 The Mystery Fishing Lure: Shape and type unrevealed 1 Pcs. This mystery lure is complimentary, hook may needs DIY
Fishing Gears Type48 The SturdyTackle Box: 9″ X 7″ X 2″, waterproof, 1 Pcs

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