Convertible Fishing Sinkers System (CFSS)

A little milestone toward the ECO fishing endeavors by Starship Marine

The Starship Marine Convertible Fishing Sinkers System (CFSS) is a little innovation in the lead free fishing weights industry. Our fishing weights are made of stainless steel type 304 which is considered to be an relatively ideal substitute of lead as fishing weights. Furthermore the fishing weights system are made to be convertible or adjustable. For example, with this little fishing weights kit, you can easily get different weights ranging from 0.5 oz up to 12 oz at a 0.5 oz incremental interval.

The background of Starship Marine Convertible Fishing Sinkers System

In recent years the endless debates for non lead fishing weights seems never come to an end because the deeply rooted tradition of lead weights fishing is difficult to change and the appropriate substitute of lead weights has never been accepted by the majorities of fishermen. Despite all these difficulties and the potential failure of new product launch, we at Starship Marine believe the ECO trend is the right thing we shall follow.
A Canadian study reveals that there are approximately 400-500 tons of lead fishing weights or sinkers lost in the water system each year in Canada only. Those missing lead fishing weights have some detrimental effects on various wildlife such as birds and fish and the Eco system as a whole. Unfortunately, humans are also subjected to lead poisoning either directly or indirectly. Our aim for this product is to find an economic and practical substitute for lead fishing weights in some of the fishing scenarios.

The Starship Marine Convertible Fishing Sinkers System (CFSS)

ECO friendly fishing weights free to go anywhere

Our convertible fishing weights sinkers are made of stainless steel type 304, which is considered to be lead free and ECO friendly. Hence it can be used for fishing in areas where there is lead weights ban. Some of our customers would like to use this weights kit in their private ponds as they believe leads weights are harmful if get lost in the water.

adjustable fishing sinkers system

Simple is best. The Starship Marine Convertible Fishing Sinkers Weights System (CFSS) has a simple but effective design from which the fishing weights can be easily adjusted from 0.5oz up to 12oz. This is an noticeable advancement from the traditional fishing weights and it is very useful when your are fishing in the changing water conditions or traveling in different places.

stainless steel no roll fishing sinkers weights

True versatile leading to wide applications

This compact fishing weights sinkers kit is can be used for both freshwater and saltwater fishing in a wide range fishing scenarios such as surf fishing, bottom fishing, river fishing, leak fishing or ocean fishing. The no roll weights sinker will grasp the bottom better in a moving current or tide. Moreover, the shinning coin weights plate can make flashes and sounds when trolling in water. From this aspect it is indeed a weighted lure if you configure the system appropriately.

adjustable fishing weights set

Healthy, Convenience and Savings

With the Starship Marine Convertible or adjustable Fishing Sinker Weights System, our fishermen no longer need to touch the toxic lead weights anymore. Moreover there is no need to carry fishing weights sinkers in various sizes, as this little “one for many” kit will do all the job for you by easy transforming ad adjusting. Lastly we have been able to cut the cost by effective design and manufacturing and as a result the sales price is comparable (or less) than traditional lead weights!

Product Details

As a starter package, this Starship Marine Convertible Fishing Sinkers/Weights Kit includes 9pcs total 12oz shining stainless steel no roll coin weights sinkers, and the weights accessories swivels 5Pcs, stainless steel snaps 10Pcs, and stainless steel wire 2Pcs.
The weights converting/adjusting process is truly simple. For example, to create a 3 oz fishing weight, simply put 1 piece of 1oz coin and 1 piece of 2 oz coin on the snap or the wire cable.

Further Notes:
1. The coin weights/sinkers are made of stainless steel type 304, which has sufficient (but not 100%) corrosion resistance to be used as marine fishing weights/sinkers. Wash it with freshwater after saltwater applications if necessary.
2. Products weights may incur a small variance (approx -7%). For example, a 1oz weight is actually weight 0.93oz without snaps or wire on it.
3. This is not just a fishing weight!  Put the coin sinkers, snaps, swivels and wire cables together, there could be more advanced configurations for different fishing strategies. Fishermen`s DIY Innovation welcome! 

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