Starship Marine ECO Surf Fishing Kit

The Starship Marine ECO Surf Fishing Kit is a new addition of the Abodadventures lead free fishing series. Primarily based on the Starship Marine Convertible Fishing Sinkers System (CFSS), we have put the ECO fishing goal into real world fishing applications. The main features that have set this kit apart from others is that the surf fishing weights included can be adjusted from o.5 oz to 16 oz on the fly while fishing. Moreover the fishing kit contains a good quantity of hooks and accessories which delivers more added value to customers.

Highlights of the Starship Marine ECO Surf Fishing Kit

Highlight 1:Quick change of surf fishing weights on the fly:
The selection of surf fishing weights size is largely depends on the water condition, bait size, bottom structure and intended casting range. With the Starship Marine Convertible adjustable Fishing Weights System, fisherman can easily adapt weights size for changing conditions:
Light Surf Fishing Weights : 0.5-2 oz
Medium Surf Fishing Weights:2-4 oz
Heavy Surf Fishing Weights: 4-8 oz
Extra Heavy Surf Fishing or Deep Drop Weights: >8 oz
The weights converting/adjusting process is simple. For example, to create a 4 oz fishing weight, simply put 2 pieces of 2 oz coin on the snap or the wire cable.
Highlight 2 Sufficient hooks and accessories in terms of quantity and size:
Taking this fishing tacklebox when you are exploring a new fishing territory or testing new fishing tactics, we can assure that there will be no more worry about snag with this quantity and variety of fishing gears in pocket.

ECO surf fishing tackle kit

Eco friendly with Unique Design

A further step toward the ECO fishing endeavors, this surf fishing kit has put the Starship Marine Convertible Fishing Sinkers System (CFSS) in true fishing practice. Based on the fisherman` needs, the surf fishing weights sinkers can be easily converted or adjusted from 0.5oz to 16oz (1 pound). Most importantly, it is lead free and ECO friendly, which is beneficial to our fishermen as well as the ecosystem. If you are sending a fishing gift for the kids this would be you safe choice.

Fishing Hooks Set of Satrship Marine surf fishing kit

Outstanding quality together with great Quantity

The surf fishing kit is weighted 20oz including 168 pcs fishing gears most of which are of premium quality in terms of materials and design. Nicely packed in a small tackle box, the fishing kit contains 10pcs 16oz shining stainless steel coin weights sinkers, 15Pcs stainless steel circle hooks, baitholder hooks 15pcs, small octopus hooks 100 Pcs. The kit also includes a series of fishing accessories such as Swivels, Snaps, Sinker Slides 42Pcs, Stainless steel wire Leaders 5Pcs, Stainless steel Pickerel Rigs 2Pcs, SS Wire Cable with Loops 2 Pcs.

Wide applications and free to go fishing anywhere

Thanks for the Starship Marine Convertible Fishing Sinkers System (CFSS), this surf fishing gear kit can be used in a wide range fishing scenarios in both fresh and saltwater fishing including bottom fishing, bank fishing, surf fishing, river fishing, and even for light deep drop sea fishing. The multiple coin weights can grasp the bottom better in a moving current or tide. More importantly, the fishing kit is lead free which means you can take it and go everywhere for fishing without lead restrictions.

adjustable fishing weights set

Great Convenience and Big Savings

With the Starship Marine Convertible/adjustable Fishing Sinkers/Weights system fishermen no longer need to carry fishing weights sinkers in various sizes because this little “one for many” kit can transform to a wide range of weights easily on the fly. We further bundled it with bulk of hooks and other fishing accessories and as a result you will be surprised to the sale price it has on market.

fishing gift for man and kids

A safe and nice “chocolate box” for fishing lovers

As previously mentioned, this is a true lead free fishing kit, it is a great gifting idea to send as gift to the Dad Boys and Girls. Especially for a smaller kids, the lead free fishing kit is considered be the safe choice.Tight lines and bent rods-happy fishing!

Product Details

The Starship Marine ECO surf fishing gear kit contains 168+Pcs fishing gears in one small tackle box:
1. Stainless Steel Coin/Disc fishing weights sinkers: 0.5oz-4oz (16oz total), 10Pcs, Coin Dia. 40mm, Convertible to sinkers size from o.5oz to 16oz (approx) for freshwater or saltwater fishing
2. Baitholder Hooks: #2-5Pcs; #2/0-5Pcs; #5/0-5Pcs for freshwater or saltwater fishing
3. Stainless Steel Circle Hooks:#1/0-5Pcs; #4/0-5Pcs; #7/0-5Pcs for freshwater or saltwater fishing
4. Small Octopus Hooks: Size #12-#3, 70-100Pcs (approx) for freshwater fishing
5. Stainless steel wire leaders: 5Pcs, 25cm
6-Way Swivels:(brass alloy) 2Pcs, 60 Ibs Test
7. Pickerel Rigs (stainless steel): 2Pcs, 25cm
8. Stainless steel snaps: Big 5Pcs, small 20Pcs
9. Swivels (brass alloy): 5Pcs, 60 Ibs Test
10. Stainless steel wire cable with loops: 1.5mm/2mm Dia. 20cm length, 2pcs
11. High Speed Snap Swivels: 5Pcs, T 80 Ibs

All in one fishing terminal tackle kit
high quality fishing gear terminal tackle kit selected by test

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