Fishing Spinners and spoons Combo Kit

Starship Marine Deadly Lures Combination Series 3 - The Spinners and Spoons Combo Kit

Ultimate Combo Fishing Lures Pack: Based on the elite 10 Pcs roster tail fishing lures and spinners set, we added 10Pcs micro fishing spoons together with 10 Pcs soft plastic grubs. The weights of the spoons range from 1/10 oz to 1/6 oz, while the spinners weights from 1/7 oz to 2/5 oz. As a result, this combo fishing lures kit can be applied in more fishing scenarios form small ponds and streams to bigger lakes and rivers targeting most predator fish such as trout bass salmon pike and walleye and so on.

Highlights of the fishing lures kit

fishing spoons and spinners combo kit

The killer machine in water

This 30 Pcs fishing lures kit are made of good quality materials and craftsmanship. The 10 Pcs rooster tails and spinner set inside has been upgraded with minnow spinners and more rooster tails in which two of the spinners are equipped with micro propellers. The 10 Pcs fishing spoons inside also come with different size, weight or colors. With the mini pink gurbs attached on hook, this can a killer machine in water for trout fishing. 

spoons with grubs kit

A mystery lure tacklebox for fishing lovers

 Nicely packed in a compact fishing tacklebox, it will be a decent fishing gift that can be sent to the Dads, kids, and all fishing lovers anytime of the year because a fisherman is always prepared for fishing anytime of the year.

trout spoons with grubs

Value for less

This spinners and spoons combo kit combines some of the most effective fishing lures together while maintains a reasonably lower price. The rooster tails fishing lures and minnow spinners inside the package are of high value which is rare to find in other fishing lures kit on market. 

Product Details

The Abodadventires Combo 30 fishing lures kit contains 10 Pcs roster tail fishing lures and spinners, 10 Pcs micro fishing spoons with 10 Pcs grubs, packed in a small tackle box. Among those lures, 6 spinners are equipped with rooster tails, two are minnow spinners. Coming with a variety colors and styles, this spinners and spoons combo set can be one of most deadly lures for trout, bass, pike, muskie or probably any other predatory fish.
Weights and Size:
Fishing spinners 1/8oz 5Pcs
Fishing spinners 2/8oz 5Pcs
Fishing Spoons 1/10 oz 3Pcs
Fishing Spoons 1/8 oz 3Pcs
Fishing Spoons 1/5 oz 4Pcs
Plastic grubs: 4cm 10 Pcs

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